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Marble inlay is  the same art  which has been used on the walls of TAJ MAHAL built by Shahjahan in 1653 in Agra (India) and also in other Mughal monuments -Agra Fort, Itmatuddaulah, Fatehpursikri. Lapis lazuli, Onyx, jasper, cornelian  have been combined with marble of various hues to create designs of unsurpassed elegance.Marble inlay reached its height during the reign of ShahJahan. Finest Examples of inlay on marble can be seen in the buildings built during this period.

In this art also known as pietra dura inlay, beautiful floral and geometric patterns are  created using various semi-precious stones like LAPIS LAZULI (Afghanistan), MALACHITE (South  Africa), TURQUOISE (Iran), CORAL (Italy ), CORNELIAN (India),  PAUA SHELL (New Zealand) and many other stones. Then these stones are inlaid in Indian marble, black marble, Indian green marble (Baroda green) etc.

We have carried forward this magnificent Art through our family artisans and have set high standards. We create our own designs as well as make designs according to order. We are known for quality and designs in Agra.

We use inlay work  in various items such as--- White marble table tops,Black marble table tops,Green marble table tops,dining,coffe,rectangular,octagonal,bases for the table tops,Plates,Boxes,Trays,Coaster sets,Chessboards,Beck gammon boards, pen holders,card holders,ashtrays,paper weights,vase,wine cups,glass,elephants,statues, bath room tiles, border tiles, floor tiles, wood inlay and any other item required by our clients in inlay or made of stones.

We have a showroom where many articles are on display and a  factory where many new designs are made continuously by our family  and other  master crafts- men. The visitors are welcome to see the process of  pietra-dura inlay which is very interesting for them.

Member-----Director General of Foreign Trade( Ministry of Commerce),
Government of  India.

we accept payment by Paypal and also by wire transfer.

If the item is not available in stock,
it will have to be made and this will take time depending on the size and work in that item.Please keep this in mind when placing an order.

If you happen to be in Agra and wants to visit our showroom then we are just a call away.You can call us at the numbers given below. We will pick you from the hotel or other spot. We are very close to the Taj Mahal.
  cell-0091 9837455254
  cell-0091 8126875429

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