These pietra dura inlay table tops are beautiful work of art and are use to enhance the beauty of your homes. These can be used as dining, coffee and side table tops. .  We have made some beautiful pietra dura Italian designs table tops in the past, examples of which can be seen in this section of our website.
The table tops are made in different shapes-Octagonal (12 to 72 inches), rectangular(12x24,18x24,24x48,24x36,48x72 inches and bigger), 
round (12 to72 inches and bigger), square(12 to 72 inches and bigger) and oval shape. These can be made in whatever size you like as per your requirement.These are 
washable with soap and water.

Bases for these table tops can be seen under our base section.Designs for the bases is according to the design of the table top. Same flowers,leaves and buds in the same color combinations as the table top to make a set.

Shipment of small table tops is done by courier whereas big table tops of more than 36" or 90 cms in diameter is done by sea-ocean freight.

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