indian marble inlay table top 26" WP-26213
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Product Code: WP-26213

Agra marble inlay table top octagonal inlaid with semi-precious stones with beautiful design from our factory in Agra. This marble inlay table top is an example of mainly one color combination where we have used semi-precious stone mainly Lapis Lazuli . This table top is not fully covered with inlay. It has a border  design in combination with a center design. This reduces the price of the table as there are less stones.

This design can be made in many other color combinations and size and also in different shape round,square,oval or hexagonal and also in different color marble for eg black,yellow,green or Italian marble such as Crema, botticino etc. In such cases the price will be different.There will be a need to adjust the design accordingly with the color combination remaining the same. 

The other details of this  table top are:

marble (white) -----makrana

diameter ---26" or 66 cms

thickness--16mm thick 

weight------18 kg or 40 lbs

minimum order quantity------1 piece

payment-----Paypal or bank transfer.

packing-----high quality export packing.

insurance---table top will be insured under MARINE INSURANCE POLICY--which covers all risks such as breakage,loss etc.

export------shipped worldwide by air and home delivered in 7-10 days.

This size is good for use as coffee table top and is washable with soap and water.Highly durable and last more than a lifetime.

if you like the base for this table top then see here. These are avialable in marble and wood.

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