Alongwith the table tops we also make the bases to match the designs of the table tops. For this we make the bases in the same shape and color and use the flowers,leaves and buds of the table tops in the same color combination. so 

Shape of the bases


2. Round



Height of the bases---normal height is between 14" to 30" but we make the height as per the requirements of our client. For small table tops with the diameter between 12" to 20" the normal height is 18" and for the diamter exceeding 20" the height can be as per the requirement of the buyer.

Number of bases required

1.Octagonal,Round & Square -----------------one base

2.Rectangular bases-------------------------------one for small table top and two for bigger table tops

When table tops are put on these bases they make a beautiful set. For an idea you can browse the table tops where there are some table tops photos with the bases.


Shipment of small bases for table tops from (12" to 20" diameter) is done by courier such as DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT and these are home delivered in 6-7 days time.

Bigger bases(for table tops 20" to 60" diamteter) and for bigger rectangular table tops(48x24", 72x36" etc) are cheaper to ship by sea but can be sent by air also which cost more.

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