Marble boxes inlaid with semi-precious stones are very beautiful collection for everyone and are very popular not only as gifts items but also for personal collection.Some boxes have design only on the top ie.lid and some have design inlaid on lid as well as on the side also and can be used as jewelry boxes,card boxes. They are mainly made in white makrana marble and in black marble.These are available in various shapes. Round ( 2",2.5",3",3.5",4",5"and bigger) ,octagonal 2", 2.5",3",3.5",4",5",6 and bigger) . Rectangular( 1.5x 2",2x2.5",2x3",2.5x3.5", 3x4", 4x6",5x7", 6x8", and bigger) and oval ( 1.5x 2, 2x3, 3x4, 4x6, 6x8, and bigger).The marble inlay boxes are one of the most popular items.

White marble boxes are made of single piece of marble without any joints and the lid is separate which fits on top.

Prices of these boxe like any other item of marble inlay depends on factors discussed here.

These boxes are washable with soap and water. Soap to use is normal bathing soap.

for packing and shipment details see here.

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