Marble inlay plates are beautiful work of art and are normally made in different sizes from 5" to 14" and can be made in bigger size also.These plates are made of Indian Makrana marble which comes from Makrana,Rajasthan. This marble is same which is used for Taj Mahal.Some of our finest work can be seen in our plates. These are very good for gifts also.We reproduce Taj Mahal designs and make our own designs.We have made some exclusive designs in the past. The semi-precious stones used for inlay are mainly lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian. The other stones used for inlay are paua shell, Jasper,Agate ,Onyx. There are various colors combinations used for designs. some have multi color combination whereas some have predominant one color. Some marble inlay plates have filgree work in addition to inlay work.


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