Prices of each and every item is given along with the shipping cost. Here we are just giving the factors which determines  the prices of the inlay items.

Prices of inaly items dont depend on the size but depend on the following factors.s

Prices of marble inlay articles depend on three factors:

1) QUANTITY OF STONES: More stones in an article means more prices and less stones means less  price.  If the size of two articles is same then the one having more stones will be more in price compared with the one having  fewer stones; provided that the quality of workmanship is same and  the semi- precious stones used for inlay are also same.

2) QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP: Quality of workmanship depends on -


a) Size of the stones :The smaller the size of the stones used for inlay, the higher the quality. Work with bigger size of stones is easier to do and hence it is cheaper.

b) Intricacy in the workmanship: joining of many pieces of stones together to create the  flowers, leaves or  buds increases the intricacy in the workmanship. So the flowers, leaves and buds with more joints takes more time to make. Therefore the items having such workmanship are more in price compared to items having less intricate work.

c) Fitting of the stones in marble-This is very important aspect of inlay work. In a bad work there are gaps between marble and stones. This shows glue in the item. All the  hard work in designing and shaping of the stones will go to waste if the stones are not  fitted properly. Though the little glue is inevitable even in the highest quality as this hand work.


3) TYPES OF STONES USED: Malachite, Lapis lazuli, Coral, Turquoise, Cornelian are costlier than other stones. If these stones are used predominantly in inlay work; then the prices are comparison to items which have cheaper stones..

  Thus the prices depends on the above three factors. If in any given item 1&2 are same then the price will depend on 3. If 1&3 were same then 2 would determine the price. If 2&3 are same then 1 determines the price.

Therefore  if somebody wants to gets the cost reduced then  it is possible to reduce the quantity of stones in that item without compromising on the quality.