Semi-precious stones inlay work border tile 6x12" RETI-55
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Product Code: RETI-55

This border tile is made of Makrana marble and is inlaid with semi precious stones where the blue stone used in the flower  is lapis lazuli and the redish-orange  is onyx. The green semi-precious stone used for the leaves is Malachite and the yellow for the stems is yellow Jaisalmer stone from the state of Rajasthan in India.There is little  use of turquoise in it and the black border is of black Onyx. The stems of the leaves are of mother of pearl.

We can make the same design in any other color combination of your choice.

Several tiles are made of the same design to form a continuous design which cover the desired area and can be installed easily.The thickness of these tiles is normally 1 cm but can be increased as per the requirement and it can be 15 mm,16mm. 

They are easy to install and easy to maintain as they are washable with soap and water. These are ideal for floor  as well as for wall border and can be used in bathroom,kitchen or anywhere also suitable for the open area.

These can be shipped easily by air or by sea depending on the quantity.