Octagonal boxes


 Marble Inlay Octagonal boxes are very popular boxes and  are also very good  for gifts. These can be used as jewelry boxes.Smaller are used as pill or  ring boxes.These are made with the work only on the lid only and others made with the work on the side also.Made of Indian Makrana marble these are inlaid with semi-precious stones.

These are available in various sizes---2",3",3.5",4",5",6" and bigger . 

thickness--------3 to 4 mm 

marble used---makrana marble (Makrana,Rajasthan,India),black marble


nature of marble-----crystalline

design------------traditional Agra design

washable---with soap and water

use------table decoration,jewellery box,card box etc 

durability------life time

fragile-------yes (if falls on floor or hard surface, no breakage on carpet)

Ecofriendly-------Material used and finished product is ecofriendly and causes no harm to nature.

Nature of material used-----Natural stones and marble

delivery time-------6-7 days.

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