table tops 16''


These coffee table tops have beautiful designs of inlay work and have different designs inlaid with semi-precious stone LapisLazuli, Malachite, Cornelian,Turquoise,  Coral,Jasper,Paua shell.These are made by hand and are done with lot of patience as is required for this work.

These stones can be arrange in various color combination given below. A design of a particular table top can be made in different color combinations also given below for which we make an item on order. 


The layout designs for these table tops as well as for other table tops can be-

1.Full of work

2.Center design with border design.
3.Border design only. 


Various color combinations for these table tops are same as for all the other items in marble inlay, and these are-

1.Multiple color combination --where we use many semi-precious stones lapisLazuli (blue), Malachite (green), Cornelian (orange), Paua shell (colorful shining),mother of pearl (white shining).Coral (red).

2.One color :-- lapislazuli, Malachite, Cornelian,paua shell are used mainly with little use of other stones.

3.Combination of Two stones : Examples of two color combinations are given below.Besides these there are also other possibilities.

a) Lapis & Malachite (blue & green),

b) Lapis &Paua shell. (blue& shining)

c) Lapis & Cornelian (blue & orange)

d) Malachite & Cornelian (green & orange),

e) Malachite &Paua shell,(green & shining)

f) Cornelian & Paua Shell  (orange & shining),


Price  depends on the design and nature of workmanship.

· size --16" or 40 cms in diameter

wt-----7 kg

· thickness----16mm

· Minimum order quantity--1 

· Use of these table tops------coffee table tops, gift, wedding gift

· Marble -  Real Indian White Makrana Marble from Makrana in Rajasthan and can be made in other marble on order.

· Stones used-Real semi-precious stones, no use of synthetic stones.

· Design –different color combination for a particular design can be made  on order or a same design in bigger or smaller dimensions is also possible but with modifications and a different price.Contact us for pricing in such a case.

· Glue—Epoxy eg Araldite is used for fixing the stones.

· Quality ofworkmanship can be seen here.

· washable with soap and water


If you like the base for this table top then see here and these can be in marble or in wood.

For packing and shipment click here. 1-5 table tops are convenient as well as cheaper to ship by air. More than 5 cheaper by sea. 

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