Plates 14"


These plates are inlaid with semi-precious stones in makrana marble from Makrana in the state of Rajasthan in India considered to be one of the best in the world  and are used for wall decoration as well as for gift purpose and are popular as decorative items.

These plates have flowers,leaves and buds. Some plates have floral designs whereas some has geometrical patterns and are made in different color combinations with different kinds of flowers-such as roses,lily,jasmine etc to name a few.Each stone is shaped individually to make a flower,leaf or a bud.Sometimes a flower can have as many as 50,100 or 150 pcs in it.

 plain marble is used for making most of these plates and some are made by using  filgree work. Another kind of plates are made in lotus flower shape and then are inlaid with semi-precious stones.

For various options in  color combinations of a design,marble and stones used for inlay and other details of inlay work please see here.

size --14" or 35 cms in diameter.
wt-----3 kg
thickness----5 mm 
finishing-----shiny,smooth finish.
washable with soap and water

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marble inlay pietra dura exquisite plate Pl-1401

MARBLE PLATE INLAID WITH LAPISLAZULI STONEsize---------14" or 35cmsmarble-makrana stones us..

Rs 26,000