Octagonal 3"

These boxes are very good  for gifts. These boxes inlaid with semi-precious stones can be used as jewelry boxes,ring boxes,pill boxes.These are available in white and black marble and are made of two separate parts. one lid and other box.Box is made of one piece of marble.Some boxes have work only on the top whereas some have on the sides also.Very delicate workmanship of inlay can be seen in these boxes.

shipped worldwide by air and home delivered.

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marble box with lapislazuli stone OC301

MARBLE JEWELLERY BOXThis box is an example of very fine, delicate,intricate  inlay work. It is ..


coral stones inlaid marble box-OC3113

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marble box with inlay and filgree work OC302

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marble inlay gift box-OC303

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Delicately done marble inlay box OC3114

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class inlay work marble box OC3115

MARBLE INLAY BOXis an examplary piece of workmanship in stones inlay..


rose flower marble inlay box OC3116

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