These are one of the most liked items done by us using the semi-precious stones inlay work. Because of their multipurpose use as gift items, for putting on wall and floor both outside as well as inside as they are weather resistant especially the rectangular tiles. These tiles can be put in kitchen, bathroom and in any other part of the house. Different shaped tiles find different uses. 

These marble inlay tiles comes in different sizes and shapes---

Square (4, 6, 8, 10, 12 inches diameter and bigger) used for putting hot plate as well as for installation on the main entrance of the house. Thickness 10mm - 16mm as per requirement.

Octagonal (4,6,8,10,12 inches diameter and bigger) used for gift purpose as well as used as coasters. Thickness 10mm -16mm as per requirement.

Round (4,6,8,10,12 inches diameter and bigger) used as coasters and for gift purpose.Thickness 10mm -16mm as per requirement.

Rectangular (3x12, 4x12 inches diameter and bigger) useful as wall and floor tiles, border tiles. Thickness 10mm -16mm as per requirement.

And in various floral and geometrical designs. We make designs from Taj Mahal as well as our own designs and also customized designs as per the requirement.

There are several color combinations for these tiles.

1.Multiple color combination --where we use many semi-precious stones lapis Lazuli (blue), Malachite (green), Cornelian (orange), Paua shell (colorful shining),mother of pearl (white shining).Coral (red).

2.One color :--  lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian, Paua shell are used mainly with little use of other stones.

3.Combination of Two stones : Examples of two color combinations are given below. Besides these there are also other possibilities.

a) Lapis & Malachite (blue & green),

b) Lapis &Paua shell. (Blue& shining)

c) Lapis & Cornelian (blue & orange)

d) Malachite & Cornelian (green & orange),

e) Malachite &Paua shell,(green & shining)

f) Cornelian & Paua Shell (orange & shining),

A particular design can be made in other color combination in case a buyer doesn't like the color combination shown on the website and also a particular design can be made in a different size but the design will have to be adjusted for the change in size for which the price will be different.

Price depends on the design and nature of workmanship.

Material--We use natural marble and natural semi-precious stones to make these artistic tiles.

These tiles are made in two types of work:---

1. Small workmanship

2.Big workmanship.

They are mainly made in white makrana marble, black marble, Baroda green and yellow Jaisalmer stone and in Italian marble. 

Inlay tiles are made by using stones like Lapis lazuli, Malachite, Cornelian and various other stones.

We also make designs according to the order and ship them to different parts of the world by Air and if the quantity is large these are cheaper to ship by sea. The consignment is insured to cover all the risks under Marine Insurance Policy.

See here the Shipping details of these marble inlay tiles.


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