We have a marble inlay Factory in Agra,India with a team of skilled crafsmen GALAXY MARBLE  ART creates unrivalled objects in marble of great aesthetic beauty, which we sell  throughour factory and on internet worldwide.

The inlay work idea is from TAJ MAHAL in AGRA,INDIA. This inlay work  is of top quality which is used for decoration in Taj Mahal by mughal Emperor ShahJahan in Agra and other areas where Mughal ruled during 16th and 17th Century.

In our marble factory we make decorative marble Inlay handicraft Products which include Table Tops(dining table tops,coffee table,side table), Pietra dura table tops,Italian designs table tops,Jewellery Boxes, plates,Trays, Coaster-sets, Corporate Gifts,border and wall Tiles, Aroma lamps,Candle Holders,Flooring,Wall Panels, Flower Vases,Marble Flower Pots, White Elephants, Black Marble Elephants,  Green Elephants, Photo Frames,Chess Boards, Beckgammon boards, Medallions,

By using the inlay work we replicate Mughal Monuments designs i.e Designs from Taj Mahal, Agra fort, Itmatudaulah tomb.The workmanship is taken from the Mughal monuments as the rulers especially Shahjahan(builder of Taj Mahal) used the workmanship on his monuments which was facilitated by his liking for the white marble. With the use of indian white marble known as Makrana marble (from Makrana in Rajasthan,India) it was possible to do very fine and intricate work on it because of its nature

We also reproduce old Pietra Dura Italian designs table tops mainly in black marble and can also be made in white marble for which we use Indian Makrana marble.

We also make custom designs in inlay for which we use many semi-precious stones like lapis lazuli- blue(Afghanistan) Malachite-green (South Africa),cornelian-orange  (India), turquoise–sky blue (Iran),Amethyst, Agate,jasper-brown (India),onyx, shell. All these items are extremely popular as Home decor items,not only in India but all over the world.

Marble inlay process

Simply put the marble inlay involves mainly two processes

1.Shaping the stones. 

2.Inlaying the stones in marble.

Besides the inlay items which we make in our factory we also work on sights.  

Big Projects-

We have done some big projects such as-

1.        Decoration of a wall 20ftx20ft with the inlay design.

2.        Decoration of a red sandstone gate with the inlay border

3.        Making a gate in marble inlaid with the design from the Taj Mahal.

All these projects can be seen on our website under the Projects.


The starting point of inlay work

1. The design on paper- This is a very important step as far as the inlay work is concerned because it is from here that an artist imagines a design and put it on piece of paper. Here i am showing few flowers to give you an idea about an artist creation in this case my father. i am very lucky to have his designs which he has created over many decades.


First the stones are shaped and placed on marble and then the outline is taken and that outlined portion is engraved and the stones are fixed. Red color is used to see the outline for engraving which goes away on polishing.