This size of marble inlay table tops can be  used as coffee table tops and are made in different shapes-octagonal,round,square,hexagonal and are made by using semi-precious stones inlaid on white marble,black marble, green marble. We also use Italian marble such as botticino,crema marfill also. These black marble table tops are made of Black marble known locally as Cuddappa which is highly durable,non-stainable,highly resistant.hard material. color combinations of inlay work details will help you in selecting any design to be made in color combination of your choice.

in these table tops

marble----black marble

size ---------23" or 58 cms in diameter.

weight------16 kg or 35 lbs

minimum order quantity-----one pc

durability----highly durable very strong marble


Shipment------worldwide by air and home delivered.

Base-options---black marble or wood

The designs are made by using different layout  as in other table tops.
Price will depend on the design and nature of workmanship.
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Black marble inlay table top imarti workmanship BIOC-2301

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Rs 7,200

Black marble inlay table top with simple design BPOC-23172

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Rs 23,000

Imarti design inlay work black table top BIOC-23164

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Rs 6,500