Octagonal bases


These bases are made in White,Black,Green,Yellow marble and are made by joining the marble slabs.

Designs---Flowers,leaves and buds are chosen from the table top to make the design in the same color combination though the design is simple with less stones to cut down the cost.

Normally the base is of the same marble as the table top ie. white for white table top and black for black table top but can be of different color than the table top if our client wish to have like that.These are normally made for the octagonal table tops but depending on personal choice one can put a round, rectangular or a square table top on them. 

We also make octagonal wooden bases without the inlay of stones.

Height of the bases---normal height is 18" or 45 cms  but we can make the height as per the requirements of our client or depending on the size of the table tops.

Please browse our base section on the website.


Shipment of small bases is done by courier such as DHL,FEDEX,UPS,TNT and these are home delivered in 6-7 days time.

Bigger bases are cheaper to ship by sea because of the weight .

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wooden base oct WP-18195

Octagonal wooden base for the table top.light in wtht=18" can be more or less as per the requirement..


wooden base WP-2202

Octagonal wooden base for the table top.wood used-teak woodlight in wtht=18" can be more or less as ..