Pietra dura italian design table tops


 These black marble Italian design table tops are made in different shapes and sizes--rectangular,octagonal,round and in any size required, If our client requires a black marble inlay rectangular base then it is made in rectangular shape with the similiar design but less work in the required height. Other shapes of the marble inlay bases made by us are octagonal,round, square. Height can be any depending on the requirement. A combination of table top with a marble base makes a beautiful set.

These designs can be made in many other color combinations and size and also in different shape round,square,oval or hexagonal and also in different color marble for eg white ,yellow,green or Italian marble such as Crema, botticino etc. In such cases the price will be different.There will be a need to adjust the design accordingly with the color combination remaining the same. 

The other details of this  table top are:

marble (black) -----black marble

thickness--20 mm thick 

minimum order quantity------1 piece

payment-----Paypal or bank transfer.

packing-----high quality export packing.

insurance---table top will be insured under MARINE INSURANCE POLICY--which covers all risks such as breakage,loss etc.

export------shipped worldwide by sea and delivered at the sea port in 45-60 days from the date of shipment from Agra,

If shipped by air it is home delivered in 10-15 days but cost more.know the cost of shipping by adding it to the shopping cart.Different options for shipping will be shown.

This size is good for use as dining table top and is washable with soap and water.Highly durable and last more than a lifetime.

if you like the base for this table top then see here. These are available in marble.

for packing and shipment click here

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