Rectangular bases


These bases are made for the rectangular table tops and are made in white,black,green marble in different height as per the requirement. Beautifully inlaid with stones these bases along with the table tops make a beautiful set.The design for the inlay matches the design of the table top in the color combination also and have same flowers,leaves and buds but the arrangement is different because the design is normally arranged horizontally but we have examples of bases where the design is arranged vertically. So depending on personal liking one can choose the designs already done by us or have their own design custome made.

These are highly durable and last more than one's lifetime and are made by joining the slabs of marble. 

For small table tops only one stand is sufficient whereas for bigger table tops you need to have 2 bases.

The height can be any for eg from 14" or 35 cms to 30" or 75 cms depending on the size of the table top.

Cheaper to ship by sea because of their weight.

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